• 28 members led by Mel Smith
    This group is designed to help all members succeed and make wise financial decisions. Please ask questions and share valuable information. Knowledge is Power and together we can be a force for good and rise.
  • 46 members led by Omolola Olabode
    In this group we will discuss topics from health (working out), to relationships (between men and women) to veganhood (recipes). No topics are off topic. We will build the relationships up in Sisterhood one foundation at a time. This group is one where yo...  more
  • 20 members led by Community TV1
    List products and services you are offering to folks on Turners Church

    Website design - Hair / Nails - Media - Photography - Handyman Service - Accounting - Life Coach ETC... PLEASE TRY NOT TO SPAM OR POST SAME ADD MORE THAN ONCE IN 4 HOURS
  • 4 members led by Anthony Mid Knight
    A place for the beauty and the progress we create in this world. From the first day to now.
    Please add any and all videos movies and memes that correlate to our greatness or u feel everyone should just watch when we dont want to be bombarded or programmed.
  • 20 members led by Anthony Mid Knight
    This group is for those moments when. U need a moment.
    We all have a positive vibe and desire to grow. But when u just can't help but act a or laugh at a nigga moment. Feel free to come over here and get it off your chest.

    Let's be considerate of others...  more
  • 35 members led by Charissa Johnson
    We dispel the myths & rumors and discuss topics that pertain to the Black Culture and weed. We discuss the health benefits, And the true side effects of the cannabis plant. We will enjoy vigorous debate on the topic of loud vs. Reggie. And the benefits an...  more
  • 20 members led by Angela Johnson
    Queens there is a pinned post in the group that gives you information on the travel destination and our travel agent. Please make sure to check the information. I will be create an event later today. #blackqueensdotravel is making things happen one destin...  more
  • 52 members led by Lenee Rucker
    To change the future you have to change habits.

    We all need to understand how financial systems work in order to be successful. This group is intended to provide a place to discuss and suggest budgeting ideas and methods.

    *Please note I am not a fina...  more
  • 43 members led by Veronica TB
    A monthly book club open to ALL. Also, feel free to suggests some good books and audiobooks. We have google (youtube) hangout. Click the link to watch previous book clubs or IF YOU JUST WANT TO WATCH the live chat and NOT PARTICIPATE.
  • 20 members led by Veronica TB
    We're on our way and getting on the same frequency, collective consciousness, and one accord. REJECT THE STIGMA about mental health (especially Black folks). Be honest, how are you? What are your stressful or depressing experiences... (specifically) livin...  more

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